Blood Cancer Patients: CARE PACKAGE



Hello Everyone!! We have 25 blood cancer patients who are in need of assistance. We have created an Amazon Wish List and will be sending each patient a care package with your help.

You can check out the Amazon Wish List HERE to support these families.  If you can help please contact us about how you can help and/or DONATE online.

These families are note able to leave their homes due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and need our help. Cancer patients are immune compromised and thi sis where we as a community need to set up.

We greatly APPRECIATE YOU and all your assistance!



Event Details

Organizer : BBBCF

Start Date : 2020-04-07

End Date : 2020-07-31

More About Event : Care Package Support

Event Venue

Venue : Amazon Wish List

Address : Las Vegas, NV

E-mail :

Phone : 702-605-2282

Website :