In January of 2020, representative Hanna Olivas of the Brave & Beautiful Blood Cancer Foundation visited Dave Hernandez, Multiple Myeloma cancer patient, as an emotional supporter. The two had met in October of 2019 when Dave reached out to Hanna after hearing of her locally aired story in Las Vegas of having the same terminal cancer. 

We began following Dave’s story as it took him to San Diego for a bone marrow transplant since Las Vegas does not have a transplant facility nor a specialty facility specializing in blood cancers. He packed up his family and left for 2 months to get his procedures completed before coming back to Las Vegas for his major back surgery and to get the last of his tumors removed.
While visiting Dave in January, Hanna asked if he had anything to share with his fellow Multiple Myeloma warriors. He followed with “Lean into the grace of God, have faith and trust the process. Be active in your treatment, ask questions, be proactive in your life. Plan your work and work your plan!”